Um, come someone please give me any pointers on how to get this house ready to be sold with two little kansas tornados following me around?

Seriously.  How in the world am I going to do this?  I touched up all the paint on the walls last night.  Today–spaghetti sauce handprints all over the walls, at about Kate’s height.  I had my dad shampoo our carpet about a month ago.  Today–Belle had the shits.  Like all over the house.  I mopped and cleaned the kitchen last week.  Can’t even tell today.

This house will look like a foreclosed house when people come through.  It really will.  It will look like we got mad at the bank and threw paint all over the walls.  No joke.

I feel like on normal days, if I can vacuum and pick up the toys at the end of the day, it’s a success.  But these are not normal days.  I have to do that and stay on top of everything. Ahhhh!!!

This is just crazy. My kids are crazy.  I’m going crazy.  Scott is far from crazy.  He’s all laid-back about the whole situation.

Help!  Someone please take my kids until our house is sold. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Crazy.

  1. >I can imagine! It was hard when we had just one child! Good luck! :). My advice would be to just focus on getting any clutter picked up and the house organized (start packing as much as you can now) then just do a good clean right before you list it. Then all you really need to do is vacuum and pick up before any showings. I can watch the girls sometime if you need help, just let me know.


  2. >Thanks, Sarah and Mandy! I think my first objective is to pack all the paint, markers, crayons, pens and playdoh. That is causing the most harm. Ah!I put a diaper on Belle yesterday. LOL.


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