Viva Italia!

It is currently 11:15 pm as I sit here and write.  I am eating home cooked pasta for my 2nd dinner.

Scott worked from my parents house today.  He watched this show on the Food Network with my mom during his lunch break or something.  He told me about it on the phone.  It was about making your own pasta.  I think he said the chef made lobster ravioli.

When he walked in the door tonight, he wanted to know if I wanted to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond with him.  I said sure.  So we loaded the girls up and headed over there.  On the way, I asked why in the world he wanted to go to his least favorite place on earth.  He wanted to find an attachment to our mixer to make pasta.  Of course.

Didn’t find it at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  So we went to Nebraska Furniture Mart.  He found the part he needed plus a million other attachments he really wants (one included a seed grinder for beer).  The girls didn’t get to bed until 9:30ish.  Which is late for Kate.

Scott starts opening up youtube on how to make pasta and actually starts geting out the flour, eggs and olive oil at 10pm.  Yep.  He made a full meal, actually, he doubled the recipe and made his own fettucini.

It was actually pretty easy.  And it is DELICIOUS.
Now we just have to start making our own wine.  Grow our own grapes.  Grow our own tomatoes for the sauce….

2 thoughts on “Viva Italia!

  1. >haaa…It's funny you say that. Because he was pretending to talk to a camera while he made it. He says "roll your dough into 4 balls. This is Julie's only chance to play with balls so I'm going to let her at it." hahaha. If only he'd let me actually film him….


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