Happy New Year!

2011 is going to be a busy year for us. This is a momentous year. So much to look forward to. And not – Scott and I both turn 30 (but please, let me clarify, Scott is a full 5 months older). Emma starts kindergarten. Ah!

But there are some exciting plans this year:

– Scott has earned a completely paid for weekend trip to Vegas from his company! His company pays for our airfare, hotel, and gives us $2,000 spending money! I must brag a little here. I’m very proud of Scott. He has really worked his butt off closing deals this year. He’s the best of the best in his company. I can’t wait to take a vacation with him so we can both relax.

– We are going to Disney World in May. Getting everything booked this week. I even reserved a table for us to eat in Cinderella’s Castle. I’m probably more excited than Emma and Kate. It’s a childhood dream of mine to go inside the castle. If you ever been, Cinderella’s Castle is a huge bust. It’s basically a tunnel to get to the other side. You can’t go up inside. Cinderella is not there, ever.  I’m going inside that castle, damnit!!!!

– We are also going to the Florida Keys for the 4th. We are going with some friends of ours. Scott actually grew up in South Florida, so this isn’t a big deal to him. He has lots of friends there and knows his way around. We have been several times before and it’s always fun to bring our Kansas friends.

– My sister is getting married in October! And I’m the Matron of Honor. I am already busy helping Jenna plan, plan, plan….

– We are moving! Finally! It is looong overdue. Scott wanted to wait until after the New Year to get the ball rolling. It’s rolling. We’re busting out of here! Hopefully, we will be in our new home before fall so we don’t have to make Emma switch schools.

So that is what is in the works in my calendar. So much to do, so many places to travel. I just hope I stay busy enough that I forget about turning 30….

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