Another Christmas in the books.

Christmas this year was with Scott’s side of the family.  This is always a little bit more stressful than the years with my family.

1. There is always traveling of some sort.  A drive to Wichita this year.  The DVD player helped a lot.  Kate was better than I thought she would be.  Although, we did have to deal with Emma having an accident while taking a nap in the way down.  I apologize to those women that saw me drying out Emma’s underwear under the hand dryer.  And yelling a profanity after slamming my hip into the tiny restroom door.

2.  Scott’s family is more formal than mine, especially when it comes to meals.  Meaning: my kids don’t eat when they’re supposed to.  I swear they turn anorexic when traveling.

3.  Most of Scott’s family do not have small children.  They are simply not aware how early little kids go to bed.  They do not know that there needs to be a “wind-down” after baths.  Kate didn’t go to bed until after 10 every night.  And she was very hard to put down.  She would fall asleep easily but the second she was put down in the crib, she would instinctively jump back up and scream. She did sleep through the night every night except one.  Can’t complain too much.

4.  Santa was a big hit with Emma.  She got everything she asked for.  (She forgot about that TV/DVD player she kept asking for her bedroom.  Whew!)  When we came home, she pointed out to me the teddy bear Kate got has a “Toys R Us” tag sewn in.  Whoops.  Not the price tag, but one of those silky tags every stuffed animal has.  I said, “well, maybe the elves ordered the parts from Toys R Us”.  Emma responded, “No, I think he went over and bought it after he talked to me at the mall.”  Works for me!

We had a nice time.  They got to see Uncle Mark and Aunt Ashley.  I feel like I never saw Emma because she was hanging out with her BFF, Ashley, the whole time.  Kate, on the other hand, was glued to my hip.  She gets extremely shy around people she doesn’t know.

But Kate turned back to the bulldog.  Today, I caught her throwing Pez candy down our vents.  She also stuffed washrags down our toliet – again.  Ah!

I’m glad to be home.  The girls are back to their normal routines.  They are eating, sleeping well.  Kate is even giving us a break on putting her down to sleep.  She lays in her crib and goes right to sleep without excessive rocking.

The Christmas stress is gone.  But this cold I have is not.  Back to begging the girls to give me a sick day…

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