A new aspiration.

My new aspiration is to be a mechanic. How nice would it be if I could diagnose car problems? And fix them at cost? I would give an honest diagnosis. No pulling strings, no hiking up the price for friends and family.

Julie: the grease monkey.

The worst part about owning a car is when it needs repair. And I’m the worst at talking to mechanics. I am the complete stereotype when it comes to women and cars.

As a teenager, I would get an earful from my dad. I would take my car in for an oil change and come out with new wipers, new air filter, something to flush the gas tank, and the most expensive oil offered.

But he said my car needed it!!

When I married Scott I told him straight up, “do not trust me around mechanics”. Scott has pretty much taken care of all our cars. Sometimes he will need to be reminded when it’s time for an oil change or tires going bald. In the end, Scott is the one to take the car in.

Last night, my car battery light went on while Scott was driving Kate. They were on their way to meet Emma and me at my parents.

Just as he gets up to 70mph, my car completely goes dead. No lights, exterior or interior. No gas. Motor just stopped. Now, if I were in this situation, I would have screamed and slammed on brakes. But level-headed Scott, slowly put on brakes and made his way to the shoulder. Traffic adjusted around him as he moved over lane by lane. He said the scariest part was waiting on the shoulder with cars whizzing by. He was worried he would get rear-ended or side swiped on accident. He did happen to bring a blanket for Kate because she had no socks or shoes on. They kept warm until my dad came and got them. I got roadside assistance out there and got the car towed to the dealership.

So. This morning. I assumed Scott talked to the dealership already. I get a phone call from the service department. The guy told me I have a bad battery, need oil change and new front brakes. Ah! I run to find Scott and I couldn’t find him. What do I do? Panic and tell him to fix everything.


Scott learns of this and just rips me a new one. He told me mechanics are liars and never tell them to go ahead and fix everything. He said my brakes are fine and they overcharge on oil changes and they don’t know that the car stopped running while on the highway. He called up there but they wouldn’t answer. He slammed the door and left for the dealership.

$800 later…new oil, new brakes and new battery. But the car still doesn’t work.
They want another $800 for a new alternator! Long story, short: Part of that cost is my fault for telling them to go ahead. But the reason it stopped working is because of a recall…so they are adjusting the price as I write.

Lesson learned: I need to take some classes on car mechanics. It would save us a ton of money in the long run.

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