And the Oscar goes to…

Last night, I started a list of things I needed at Walmart.  Then my sister calls me and I start chit chatting with her.  Emma takes my pen and paper.

She (rudely) interrupts me while I’m on the phone.  She wanted to know how to spell toy.
I quickly tell her “T-O-Y” then go back to talking on the phone.

After about ten minutes, I hang up and look down at my list.

I know Emma knows most of the letters of the alphabet and she knows how to write her name.  I had noooo idea that she knows how to write out things I spell for her.  She did this all on her own!
I thought it was pretty cute.
So I agree to take her to Walmart with me and she could pick one, very small, toy.
We go down the toy aisle.  Mistake.  She wanted this ridiculously priced ($20) fake Repunzel hair.  I have bought fake hair for her before and it lasts about a day before it gets too tangled to even brush.  I refused to buy her that.  This set her off on the biggest tantrum of the year.  Of course, in a public place.
I went right to the registers with her hanging off the cart in tears, kicking and screaming.  A guy behind us tried talking to her.  He asked her what was wrong.  She just screams, “I wannnnttt Repunzelllll haaaaiiir!!!”
Naturally, I get in the car angry.  She starts to calm down but she is still crying.
Me: Emma! Do not EVER act like that in a store EVER AGAIN!!! (Then I got a vision of my mom saying this to me…)
Emma: (still crying) But…but I wasn’t ACTING, mommy! These are REAL tears!! I’m really crying, not acting!! I’m really am crying, mommy!!
Somehow in my moment of my extreme anger, Emma makes me laugh.  We’re raising a girl that thinks the world is a stage…
I hope I get a little shout out in your Oscar acceptance speech, Emma.

4 thoughts on “And the Oscar goes to…

  1. >Holy Cow she is going to be the smartest little girl in her Kindergarten Class! What a genius!!! Way to go Emma. As for the tantrum I had to LOL! She is to smart for her own good and has such a remarkable talent for a play on words!


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