Just call me Ariel…

Sore throat and cold symptoms all weekend + One vodka tonic + one beer at P&L x 2 nights + Screaming for KSU for 2 hours x 2 nights = NO VOICE

I have no voice.  Absolutely none.  If I try my hardest, I can squeak out a few words.  The girls think I’m hilarious.  Singing “Telephone” by Gaga in my mouse voice to the girls probably wasn’t the greatest idea.  I went from high pitched squeaking to nothing.  I’ve downed hot coffee, hot cocoa, hot water. I gargled with salt water.  Nothing is working.

I know.  I could have made better decisions.  Probably could have given up my ticket to a friend and tried to get over my cold.  Or not drink.  Or not scream in excitement one night and scream in anger the next night.

I told Emma that Ursula, the sea witch, took my voice. No, actually, I couldn’t “tell” her. I pointed to a picture of Ursula then pointed to my throat. Then made a sad face. She completely understood.

I had to type a text message on my phone at Starbucks and show the guy my order. He made my coffee extra hot.

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