So I got asked out on a date.

I still feel a little weird about it.

Scott sent me on a scavenger hunt in search the newest edition of Sports Illustrated.  KSU’s Jacob Pullen is on the cover. I went everywhere – WalGreens. Price Chopper. Walmart.  All sold out.

I drove to my final place before giving up – Border’s Bookstore. I walk to the magazine section. The lights shown down on a few copies of Sports Illustrated. All the purple. Simply glorious.  I grabbed one and smiled all the way to the register.

Employee:  You look smug.
Me: This is the 4th place I’ve gone tonight.  I was looking for this magazine.
Employee:  Are you a basketball fan?
Me: A K-State fan.
Employee:  Really? Do you go to school there?


Me: Oh, I used to.
Employee: So are you back from Manhattan for the holidays?
Me: Oh! No. I live here. I don’t live in Manhattan anymore.  I graduated.
Employee: Oh, I see.

He finished ringing me up and I took my magazine.

Employee: Hey can I ask you something?
Me: Yeah.
Employee:  Would like to get some coffee with me sometime?

I gave him a blank stare. I didn’t comprehend he was asking me on a date.  I thought he was just being nice.  Or bored and wanted coffee at that moment in their cafe.  I was trying to figure out why he wanted to get coffee with a stranger.  Then it hit me.

Me:  OH! NO! No. No.  I’m married!
Employee: (red in face, points to my left hand)  Uh….ring?
Me: Oh! Oh I…I left it at home. Oh. I forgot. Um. Yeah….
Employee: (in an angry tone) You really need to start wearing that.
Me: Yeah, uh…haha…sorry.  Um. Bye.

AWKWARD.  I will be avoiding that Border’s.
I can’t even remember the last time I’ve been asked out on a real date by a complete stranger.  College, maybe?  And maybe not even then…Scott never asked me out like that.  We hung out at house parties with mutual friends. We were drunk when he asked me out on a date.

I am glad that some twenty-something guy (who looks like Ryan Phillipe) still thinks I’m 22 and cute. I also had no makeup on and my hair was in braided pigtails.

I got asked out! ME. A 28 year old, married for 6 years and mother of 2!!  Ah!
A tiny bit exciting but mostly awkward.

I immediately told Scott.  He thought it was funny.  Then told me, “Go ahead and date him.  Maybe I could get to hunt more.”

That Scott. He really does love me.

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