Oh Emma.

Emma: I have a friend in preschool.  Her name is Lauren.

Me: Awww! Is she really nice?
Emma: Uh huh. Her favorite color is pink too!  And her favorite princess is Sleeping Beauty.  She told me that.
Me: And what did you say?


Scott is leaving for hockey.  Emma is watching Beauty and the Beast on DVD. 

Scott: Emma, when mommy tells you it’s time for bed, you need to go to bed.
Emma: Ugh. Just. Don’t tell me that. Ugh.


So my mom got Emma and Kate a sandbox.  It’s like a really, really nice one. She is holding it in her basement until spring/we move. (But there is no sand)….

One night, Emma was talking about Jasmine living in the desert.

Me: Daddy is in the desert right now! For work! (Arizona)
Emma: Ohhhh!! Maybe he can bring me some sand for my sandbox!! Is that a good idea?


Last night, I put Emma to bed.  I took a shower.  I hear Emma come in.
Emma: Mommy, do you love me?
Me: Yes Emma! I love you so much!
EmmaOh, well then can I stay up a little longer?
This week is “S” week at Emma‘s preschool.  She must bring in something that starts with an S for show and tell on Friday.  We decided on her princess snuggie I made her.  But we still try and think of S things if something cooler pops up.
Emma: Hey! I know what starts with an S!  A star!
Me: Ooooo…yeah that’s a good one.
Emma: They’re kinda high though.  Might be hard to get one.
I took Emma shopping with me tonight.  I had some heavy bags.  And Emma wanted a drink, so I took her to Starbucks in Barnes and Noble.  I couldn’t carry both our drinks with all the bags I had.
Me: Here, Emma.  Take your drink and walk with it.
Emma: No, you carry it.
Me: No, Emma. I can’t carry everything, here.
Emma: Ugh. Just…just pretend I’m carry it.
Emma: Mommy, did you know the native Americans lived far far away?
Me: Yes, they did. But some lived where we live too. They lived all
over America. They didn’t have cars like we do though. They had to
Emma: Whoa. That’s a long walk to the airport.


Emma: Guess what state the native Americans lived in?
Me: Tell me.
Emma: Mexico.


Me: Did you talk about what the native Americans ate in school today?
Emma: Uh huh.
Me: What did they eat?
Emma: Pasta.

I was in the car with EmmaEmma‘s fav song right now is Mariah
Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You”. (thank you Kansas city for
playing Christmas music Nov 1st!). It just played and it went to

Emma: Mommy, what do you want from Santa?
Me: Oh, I dunno…I know! (singing) All I want for christmas is
youuuuuu! (pointing at her in rearview mirror)
Emma: But mom! You already have me!

I was running back to the car with Emma from exiting Macy’s.  (We got her a Christmas dress to match Kate’s).  It was cold, rainy and windy.
Me: Hurry, Emma! It’s cold and windy!
Emma: I like the wind!
Me: But it’s freezing!
Emma: I’m kinda like Pocahontas.

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