Gift cards=cheating!

I’ve been absent on my blog.  My life has been non-stop lately.

Scott’s friends are back.  They’ve been here for nearly a week now.  At what point do I start charging rent?

But I’ve been mostly getting a jump on birthday and Christmas shopping.  Really, it’s becoming a joke.
The family members that have actually given me a wish list gave me a list of gift cards they would like.

Might as well throw some cash from my wallet at each family member.  And they expect to give me a gift card in return.  It really doesn’t make any sense.  Here’s some cash for you and here’s some cash for me.  You’re exchanging money to shop for yourself at a certain store?

The fun in Christmas shopping is the hunt. What happened to finding a gift that you think someone would like?   The sitting down and giving thought about each person.  How well do I know them?  Can I find the perfect gift they would love?

Yes, there are exceptions.  On my list I have a gift card to The Buckle for some more jeans.  It would be impossible for someone to pick out my size without me trying them on first.  They can try if they want though, I’m not against that.  Or a gift card to something like itunes where you can’t physically give them something.  Or when a gift is for a white elephant or an office party.

I’m very frustrated right now.  I would love nothing more from my family is just to be around each other for the holidays.  When it comes to our tradition of gift giving, I would like for them to give a gift they really think is “me”.  I am vague in my wish list because I want room to see their style mix with mine.  Put a little work in.  I will love it no matter what if it comes from the heart.  Ok, I might really hate it.  But I will love that they tried.  I want to do the same for them.

So my Birthday/Christmas shopping has officially begun.  So far, they all fit into a Hallmark sack. 😦

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