I can’t take it.

This whole Kate and screaming in the car thing has got to stop.  She’s nearly 18 mos old!
I just want to cry when I have to get in the car with her.  And I don’t even want to think about traveling to Wichita for Christmas.  Oh eff no.  I will drive separately if need be.

We have a portable DVD player.  But I’ve never really used it in the car.
1. I don’t want to listen to Dora every time I’m driving with no hope of turning the radio on.
2. I don’t want the girls to expect a DVD played every time they’re in a car for a short trip.
3. Shouldn’t traveling be about looking at the surroundings and getting out of the house?  Away from the TVs?
4. I lost the cords to the DVD player anyway.

Well. Let their little brains turn into mush then.  I. don’t. care.  I went and bought a cord from Walmart last night.  I’ll take Dora over Kate’s screams.  It’s really a no-win situation at this point.

Whatever it takes….something had to be done.

Kate, meet Diego, from the comfort of your own car seat.

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