Halloween is coming! It’s probably my favorite kid holiday.

Emma keeps asking me if I’m dressing up this year.  I guess that would be a natural question.  The past two years I did dress up.  Not for a party, but just to take her trick-or-treating.

Emma was a bride in 2008.  Jenna and I were her bridesmaids. (Hey, we got use out of never-to-be-worn-again bridesmaids dresses!)
Last year.  Alice Cullen from Twilight.  With Edward and Bella.
So…I kept telling Emma I was just going to be “mommy” this year.  Scott came home early yesterday and took over the kids.  He told me to go shopping and have some time to myself (Don’t think he’s husband of the year.  He planned on going hunting all evening. Again.).  So I went to Costume Express to see if I could find anything decent.
Decent. HA! All the women’s costumes are either really cool and outrageously priced or very cheap and completely slutty.
I’m fine with slutty if we were going to a real adult party.  I would rock slutty.
But I don’t think I can pull off having a skirt that barely covers my butt when I have to reach down to pick up Kate.  I can’t have my cleavage all coming out while holding Kate telling her to say trick or treat at every door.
Barely anything was mommy appropriate.  I wanted a simple witch costume, something flowing and scary.  I ended up finding one that is long sleeved, floor length, and doesn’t show too much cleavage.  Although, it is form fitting.  It’s borderline racy.  But I am covered up.  I went over and got a long cape so you can’t see every curve of my body.  Got a hat.  Costume jewelry. Fake eyelashes.  Done.
So I am officially a witch for halloween now.  Emma loves the costume.  She couldn’t stop touching my dress.  Kate loves the hat.
Now I just need to watch a few “witch” makeup tutorials on youtube. Practice my voice.  Whip up another batch of home brew (Haha. Good one, huh?).
You fine folks will have to wait until Halloween for a picture. 🙂

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