I’m an aunt. *yawn*

So my sister and her husband announced they are “expecting”.

Yeah, expecting a new puppy at the end of the month!

This is how they make me an “aunt”.

Very cute. It’s a girl. No name yet.
My sister and her husband have been married for 2.5 years.  Scott’s brother and his wife have been married for nearly 5 years! Someone please make me an aunt!!! Child out of wedlock, Jenna or Jon? Go for it! I’m convinced I’m going to be the world’s oldest first time aunt.  My girls will be teenagers visiting their cousins in the nursery at the hospital.  Emma and Kate will be their babysitters b/c the grandparents will be too old and will tire easily.
I just want to know what it’s like to have a niece or nephew.  Especially a nephew.  I want to buy boy clothes. And boy toys.  I want to spoil the kid with sweets then pass them off to their parents.  I want to sit and laugh at their messy toy-filled, hand-prints-on-the-wall houses.  I want to pick up their sleeping newborn and hold the baby until it cries then give it back to mom to feed.  I want big family Christmases together with all the cousins keeping each other entertained.  I want trips to Disney World for the kids.  I want my kids and our siblings kids to be close cousins.  I have many close cousins and I truly enjoy them.  They’re like good friends that get to come to family events.
AHHHHHH….those siblings of mine.  They really know how to push my buttons.
Aunt JuJu is waiting to exist!!

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