Bye bye mullet.

Ok, so I’m not used to having a kid with longer hair.  It took 3.5 years for Emma to get her first hair cut.  It took Kate 16 months.

After some suggestions from others–playdate group, Scott, my mom, my sister and probably several others that won’t speak up–I decided to get Kate’s hair cut.  She was looking like she belonged to a family in Arkansas.  AKA MULLET.

She was surprisingly good.  I was a little shocked at how good she was.  I don’t know if it was the “car” she sits in.  Or watching Emma get her hair cut first.  Or the fact there was Dora on her personal TV at her station.  Or maybe just the fact that she is female and likes beauty salons.  She let the hairdresser snip snip snip away.  Maybe she was thrilled to get the mullet gone too….

Before and after picture:
Ok, I think this is hilarious.  I got out Emma’s first hair cut snippings to compare (which are not even a year old yet.)
Uh, I really don’t think the labels “Emma” and “Kate” are necessary…
Kate’s hair turned out super cute.  I told the hairdresser that I wanted the mullet gone but try not to make her look like a boy.  She blended up the back so that it has some body.  She looks adorable, of course.

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