Football, football, football…

Whew! Ok, so I’m getting tailgated out.  I feel like every weekend I’m sitting in a stadium wearing red or purple.  My voice is raspy.  I’m chugging water all the time.  I can’t even remember the last weekend I just hung out with the girls and Scott with nothing to do.

I mean, really, instead of pictures of Emma and Kate on my phone, it’s this:

I have to say…the college students I’ve seen lately, particularly, the female students.
What is going on with all this 80s stuff coming back?  I have seen multiple fanny pack style purses.  Knee highs.  Hair pulled up on the side.  Those silly bands, that look strangely familiar to snap bracelets. Big huge hoop earrings. Baggy, off the shoulder shirts.  And those awful square, brightly colored sunglasses.

I must be old.  I will NOT follow that little trend going on.  I’m not a fan of 80s fashion, hairstyles, music.  I think of how ridiculous everyone looked in photographs of my childhood.  Uh…no, thank you.

To all of you 18-22 year old girls: You look ridiculous.  Call me out of style.  Call me old.  I don’t care.

I’m taking a break from all the tailgating and football games in the next few weeks.  I’ll be drinking root beer with Emma and Kate in our PJs.   We’ll be cheering on the Chiefs and Cats from the comfort of home.  Until the KSU homecoming game anyway…

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