The Road to Manhattan.

Emma’s first day of preschool!

I’m so happy for her to be in school.  Mostly because she is happy to be there.  She loves her teacher.  Loves the kids in her class.  The preschool has a drop-off/pick-up system where I don’t even have to get out of my car.  I pulled up and saw the other parents actually parking and walking their children in.  I asked Emma if I should park and she told me, “No.  Just drop me off here.  I can go by myself.”
AGHHHH. Stab in the heart!
The director came up to the door and helped her out.  Emma waved bye and off she went.
I have stayed at home with Emma every day of her life.  I have never left her with someone I barely know.  This is the first time ever.  It feels weird.  I was in the car waiting to pick her up and I kept thinking “what is she doing now…I want to know what she is talking about at this moment…”  I hate not knowing every little detail.  The teacher told me Emma was very good today and she is an excellent listener….blah blah blah.  I wanted to ask her if she said anything funny…or did she talk a lot or was she shy…or tell me every little thing you did today with her.  That would probably come across as the overprotective parent type.
Instead, I grilled Emma on what she did, what she said, who she met.  She gave me a few tidbits right when she got in the car.  Then told me more when she got home.  Then told me more when Scott got home.  Ahhh! I hate this!!! I’m going to stick a video camera on her somehow.

Moving on…next child, Kate.
Kate and I made a Target run down the street.  I figured might as well take Kate since Emma is off my hands.  Oh no, it doesn’t matter.  Kate is like 3 kids in one.  She’s climbing all over the place in the cart.  I forgot my diaper bag so I had no shoes for her to walk in.  I pass the Halloween candy, she pretty much flings her body at the candy shaking her head “yes”.  (Didn’t have to pull my arm there, Kate).  I had to rush-shop.  I hate rush-shopping.

I take her to Panera Bread for lunch.  Mistake.  She drops macaroni on the floor on purpose, laughs and yells, “Belle!”.  We had to pack up everything to go.

She fell asleep in the car until Emma came back.  Whew. What an emotional day.

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