Oh Emma. (and some Kate)

Emma was kicking Kate.  Kate starts whining.  Scott tells Emma to stop.  Kate stops whining and just stares at Emma.  Expressionless, she lifts one finger up slowly and, like a cobra, snaps it down on Emma’s leg and scratches one single scratch.  Emma burst into tears.  Kate looks back down at her toy like nothing happened.

I was in the kitchen, putting away breakfast stuff.  The girls were playing in Emma’s room.  Emma comes down the hallway and tells me something unimportant.  I ask her to go find Kate and make sure she is not getting into something bad.  I told her it was like hide and seek.  Couple minutes later, she comes back and says she can’t find her.  I yell for Kate.  Nothing.  I go looking for her.  All the doors are open except the door to my room.  I quickly glance in the open rooms and she is not there.  I open my door to my room.  Not in there.  I go to my bathroom.  The door is shut.  I open the door, it’s completely pitch black.  I turn on the light. Kate is there, with sippy cup in her mouth.  She pulls it out and smiles.  Waves.
“Hiiiiiiiii!!!!!” She laughs and runs off.  She was sitting in the complete dark, not making a peep for at a good 5 minutes, if I had to guess.
Emma is trying to force a barbie in Belle’s mouth.
Emma: Chew it, Belle. Chew.  Here you go.
Me: Emma, what are you doing?  Why do you want Belle to chew your barbie?
Emma: She needs to chew my Barbies to make them scaaaarrry.  It’s for halloween.  That will be scaaaarrry to have my barbies chewed up.  Isn’t that a good idea?
Me: (laughing)
Emma: Mommy, don’t laugh! It’s not funny.  I want scaaarrry barbies.  Halloweeeeeeeen is coming up. Scaaarry!
Me: Emma, you’re going to look like me when you’re older.
Emma: I’m going to get straight hair?
Me: Emma, you are getting too big. Stop growing and stay little.
Emma: I’m going to get bigger than you! I’m going to keep growing bigger!
Me: Noooo!
Emma: Why don’t you want me to get bigger?
Me: Because you will go off to KState and live on your own with your friends.  I will miss you.  Don’t you want to stay little with mommy?
Emma: (thinks for a little bit) I’ll go to KState and live with my friends and I’ll come back to visit.  I promise. I’m brave.  I can live by myself.  But I’ll be back to see you a lot.

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