My hobby.

I have been picking on Scott for having so many hobbies.
But I do have an obsession.  When Scott walks in from work, he will generally find me on the computer with the kids pulling on me in meltdown mode.  He’ll say, “Oh my gosh” and roll his eyes.
Or I’ll get out of bed at 11pm or so and run downstairs to get on the computer.  Scott will yell that I’m crazy.


Oh, how I looooove farmville. It’s a “game” on facebook. You plow your field, plant seeds, wait and harvest.  Every time you harvest, you earn coins. With the coins, you can buy things for your farm. It’s really dumb. But really addicting.

To me, it’s like playing dollhouse. I can organize where everything goes. Decocorate how I want based off seasons.  Make my characters do what I want.  Make houses for the animals.  Plant flowers in flower beds that says “KSU”.  You can’t really “win”.  Just move up levels and get better items.

I saw many months ago on the news that some people have become addicted to farmville.  That may be me.  I’ve been playing for about a year now.  And I can’t stop.  I have called Scott at work and asked him to harvest for me if I can’t get to a computer.  He’s actually helped me out a handful of times (probably b/c all of the crap I put up with when it comes to his hobbies).  I get excited when the Halloween and Christmas decorations come out.  I get excited when I get gifts from other farmville neighbors.  I drive by  fields near our house and I know that they are soybeans, thanks to good ‘ole farmville.  I see a weird looking thing in the grocery store and I now know that it’s ginger (w/o looking at the sign above).

Although–I have not paid real money to buy bigger and better items for my farm.  There is an option to buy “cash” with your credit/debit card.  I’ve thought about it.  Seriously thought about it.  But I haven’t and won’t.  It’s a game.  It’s little pixels on the screen.  Scott also said if he ever saw “farmville” on a credit card bill I would be cut off.  Cut off from what, I don’t know.  But I don’t blame him.  I won’t go that far.

So that is my little obsession.  That is my fun little hobby that I do.  It’s a hobby, right?

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