I have just started realizing that Scott and I got married young.  I was 22! I was engaged my entire senior year of college! Ah! What? Who does that?!

At the time it was no big deal.  All I wanted more than anything was to marry Scott.  We could actually live together without the “shame on you” from our parents.  Shacking is a real pain the ass, especially every night.  My senior year of college was filled with weekends in Aggieville but instead of just “going out” it was always celebrating “Julie and Scott are getting married! Let’s go out!”  It was one big engagement party after engagement party after engagement party.

We had a lot of fun being married for that single year before I got pregnant with Emma.  I was 24 when I had her.  Then Kate, I was 27.
If you ask Scott he will tell you that we are done.  I am still debating but leaning towards “we’re done” as well.  I’m 28 and done with kids.

Most of our friends are married now.  It seems very few have children.  If they do, they are just starting with their first.

I don’t know if Scott and I are just “old fashioned”…or maybe since we’re both first-borns, we do things “by the book”…whatever the reason, we are young.  And very few friends (and no siblings) have followed in our footsteps.

I admit, I wonder what it would have been like to spend the past 6 years having no kids.  What freedom! I can just add up all the things I would have done around the house.  All the hobbies I could just fall into and become an expert at.  And how clean everything would be…the house, the yard, the cars, the garage, the basement.  Maybe I’d have my masters.  Maybe I’d work my way up and be on a board of something.  Oh, and all the sleeping in I could have had!  All the easy traveling just to see a few friends for the weekend.  The lazy sundays where you just watch movies all day and take naps in between…ahhh.

But this is my reality.  Although, I have no regrets.  The hard part is almost over for Scott and me.  We have about 9 mos to go until Kate turns 2.   The golden year.  After age 2, it gets much easier.  It would have been somewhat easier if everyone had their kids at the same time.  Scott and I are coming out of the fog of dependent babies and sleepness nights.  But now our friends are just getting into it.  I feel like we are on the outside waiting for them to come out and play.  I’m pretty sure our friends felt the same about us the past five years.

The decade of our 20s will be remembered with diapers, trips to the pumpkin patch, leaking milk (at least for me), multiple visits to portrait studios, and smells of Johnson’s baby shampoo.  Our 30s are wide open.  Responsibility is still there, for sure.  But we’re more available.  We have more time to ourselves.  The girls will have more freedom.  They’ll want their friends more than their parents.  I won’t have to worry about any “clock ticking”.  I can sit back and enjoy my beautiful girls grow up.

I told Scott this past weekend that Emma will be in kindergarten one year from now.  His response: “Good, that means Kate will be two and a half.”

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