Oh Emma. (And some Kate)

I turned on the tv this am. Emma was still sleeping. Kate was standing
here watching me. I couldn’t find the remote so it was stuck on Jerry
Springer while I was looking. His show just started and his theme
music was going and people were shouting “Jerry! Jerry!”
I look at Kate, and she is doing all her dance moves and clapping. Haha


I find the remote. I put it on Kate plus 8. Emma wakes up and watches
it with me.
Emma: She has a lot of kids!
Me: I know. She wanted a bunch of kids.
Emma: Yeah….and you don’t.

Every night, we tell Emma to go to bed. She will say she is hungry for
a snack first.
Scott: Well, what do you want?
Emma: Something messy.


I’m picking up the basement and I keep finding “caps” to different types of bottles. Like water bottles or oil caps…

Me: Emma where are you getting all these caps from?
Emma: I got them in a far, far place from here. I was on an adventure. Farrrr away.
Me:  Emma, where did you get these?
Emma: The garage. I’m collecting them.
Emma comes up to me and tells me she wants to make some cookies to sell to people.  She said that’s what Olivia did (a cartoon she likes).

So I told ok, we’ll make some cookies since Kate is asleep.
I remembered some “elephant ears” that looked good in a kids recipe book I have.
Me:  Emma, these are going to be so good! How much do you want people to pay you for them?
Emma: But mom.  We haven’t even tried these.  It’s a new one. How do you know the people will like them if we don’t know if they’re good or not?
Me: Uh….
Emma: Let’s try these when we’re done.  If they’re good, we’ll make some more to sell.
Me: Uh….(completely shocked she has this line of reasoning at 4 years old. Quite the business woman)
Emma: Mommy, why do we have hair?
Me: Well, I guess to keep us warm on our heads.
Emma: So the papas are only warm on the sides of their head?


Driving home from my aunt’s house.  Emma played with my cousin’s kids.
Emma: I love my cousins.
Scott: And your cousins love you too.
Emma: Well, I know who doesn’t love me.
Me: Who?
Emma: Monsters. And evil step mothers.

Emma is coloring in her Princess coloring book.  She is looking for “peach” so she can color Snow White’s face.

Emma: I can’t find peach.  But here is Mexican (brown).  It’s ok if Snow White is Mexican.

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