Terrible 2’s

Kate had her 15 mos wellness check-up today.  I knew she was getting shots.  So I mentally prepared myself for her screaming before we went in.

I did not prepare myself for her throwing the biggest temper tantrum I’ve ever seen a 15 month old throw.

I gave her some baby tylenol about an hour before the appointment.  She loves the stuff.

As we were talking to the doctor about her sleep habits, Kate is going through my diaper bag.  She pulls out the Tylenol and whines for me to open it.  I hide it and give her a book.

She throws the book down at the doctor’s feet.  Instant tears.  Screaming in my face.
I pick her up hoping to calm her down.  She scratches my face and arches her back.  With intense anger, she wiggles out of my arms, down my legs and down to the floor.  Banging her head on the floor and kicking her feet.

I’m embarrassed. Scott is embarrassed.
The doctor just tells us to let her cry it out and she’ll realize she can’t get what she wants.

We ignore her and try to talk over her screams.  After the doctor is done talking with us, she opens the door and tells Kate “bye”.  Kate sits up. Smiles. And waves bye-bye.


Our doctor leaves us saying, “No adult could ever pull off being that mad then like a light switch, just smile and say good-bye.  I love toddlers.”

Hello terrible twos.  You have showed up early.

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