The Swan Thieves

By: Elizabeth Kostova

I love this book. Love it.

It involves everything I look for in a good book. Lots of history. Some mystery. Told by many different points of view. Detailed. A lot of pages (I don’t want the books to end if they are good). Has the capacity to make me stay up to 3am reading, a real page turner.

I am a big fan of her first book, The Historian. When I bought The Swan Thieves, I knew I would not be disappointed.

It short: An artist is put under psychiatric care for trying to physically attack a painting at a museum. His doctor must piece together this artist’s life by interviewing his family members and friends. The artist will not speak to anyone. The doctor also must figure out the significance of a pile of very old letters that the artist is obsessed with.

After finishing the book, I have been scanning the Internet looking at paintings, specifically French Impressionists. I’ve even sat and thought about painting myself. I say “thought about” because that is as far as I can go with a hobby right now with two little ones. But the book has heightened my interest in the art world.

I would definitely recommend this book right now if someone asked me for a good book.

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