A new hobby.

Let me explain something about Scott.  Let’s just say, to put it nicely, he needs to stay busy or he might just die of boredom.

Scott has a lot of hobbies.

1. Hunting–Despite what he says, this is a year-round hobby.  Summer, he is setting up cameras in the woods and checking them (a 2 hour process b/c of all the walking).  Spring, turkey season.  Winter, deer season, water fowl season.  Fall, turkey season, dove season, pheasant season.  He is guaranteed gone at least one morning every weekend of the year, sometimes more.
2. Working out–Simply put, Scott is an athlete.  He knows what he’s doing when it comes to lifting weights.  Right now, he’s been slacking some and he knows it which means he will start working out after work soon.  Although, I can’t complain too much…I am always a fan of looking at a hubby with six-pack abs rather than a six-pack beer gut.  And this is a hobby that I enjoy as well.
3. Sports–Chiefs tickets? Got them.  Royals tickets? Never say no.  K-State football and basketball? Yes, please!
4. Hockey–Every week, once a week.  He plays for a men’s league with some friends.

With each of these major hobbies, he belongs to some kind of internet forum.  He belongs to a duck forum, water dog forum, deer forum, k-state sports forum, bodybuilding forum, hockey forum.  Some of these he actually pays for.  He obsessed.  With all of them.  He buys top-of-the-line equipment for each, if needed.  Once he starts a hobby, he doesn’t quit.  He’s an expert.

So.  Scott came home one night this week…laughing.
He told me that “we” need a hobby that “we” can do together.  Our project.
I asked him what he had in mind.  He starts bringing in a bucket with tubes coming out, a huge 5 gallon glass container, some books, little gadgets, thermometers, bottle caps, bottle cap sealer, and I swear beakers and a bunsen burner (ok, not really but it looked like it would fit in).

We’re making our own beer! Start thinking of a name for our beer.  Won’t this be fun?  You can design the labels.  I was thinking we can’t name it after Emma and Kate because that is just wrong to name a beer after your kids.  So I like Manhattan.  Then for each type of beer, we add on a street name in Manhattan.  The Manhattan Kimball.  The Manhattan Poyntz.  

I just stare at him.  This is completely out of the blue.  I have never expressed any interest in making beer or wine.  Drinking, yes.  But the kind of beer or wine where all you gotta do is open the fridge.

He found a home brew forum.  He joined immediately.  He’s read all the books.  He comes home and first thing he does is rush to the beer fermenting in our basement.  He’s already decided he wants to do a pumpkin beer batch next.

I am anxious to taste the first batch–which won’t be for another few weeks.  Who knew beer took so long?  I have skimmed through the books.  It looks interesting but I don’t have the time to sit and read about yeast and carbon dioxide.  I would probably really get into this later, once the girls are a little older.

Some pictures:

Our science experiment.
The only book Scott has read cover to cover.
The first batch, a wheat beer.
A few more weeks and this concoction will be in your hands! Get excited!
My kind of beer.  Straight from the fridge.

One thought on “A new hobby.

  1. >My brother once got into beer making. . . good luck. . it grows. You'll be making wine and inheriting lots of other "crap" along the way. But, if it taste good, I want a 6 pack!


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