I did something horrible.

I lost my wedding ring.

The horrible part is I can’t even remember the last time I wore it. I’m think it’s been lost since Wednesday? Does anyone in our playdate group remember me wearing my ring? Should I get out the PICTURE OF ME PLUNGING THE TOLIET and zoom in to see if I have it on? Anyone?

I’ve searched all over my house, outside my house, my car. Gone. The good thing is I’m pretty sure it’s in the house. Unless it got thrown in the trash or flushed down toilet. Kids – you can’t trust them.

This is not the first time I’ve lost it. I left my ring on the sink in the gym once. Someone turned it in for me, thank you Lord. You see, I hate getting my rings wet. Whenever I give the girls a bath, take a shower, do dishes, or wash my hands, I place the ring on the counter.

Now it’s missing. Never did get insurance on it. One of those things I kept telling myself to do.

I hope it shows up. I’m praying it shows up. It has to show up. I’m hoping when we move and start packing up things I’ll come across it in one of Emma’s purses. Or plunger.

Ok, now it's your turn - write me back.

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