Oh Emma.

All today in the car…she was on a roll.

Emma and I were talking about who my and Scott’s siblings are.  We bring up Mark’s name.

Emma: Does Mark love me?
Me: Yes.
Emma: Why does he love me?
Me: Because you’re his niece.
Emma: Uh, no you’re wrong.  He loves me b/c I’m his best friend.
Emma: Mommy, I’m a shy girl.
Me: No, you’re not.
Emma: What does shy mean?
Me: Um…well..kinda like you don’t like to talk to people.  Who told you that you are shy?
Emma: Daddy.  Are you a shy girl?
Me: Yeah.
Emma: Well, you’re talking now.
Before swim lessons…
Me: Emma, don’t forget, when the teacher calls your name, you need to raise your hand.  She needs to make sure you’re there.
Emma: She knows I’m there.  I’m the girl with the curly hair.
Me: Just raise your hand too, ok?
Emma: Ok. But she knows Emma has curly hair.
Went to get ice cream tonight with Emma, Jenna and (Jenna’s friend) Brittany.

Jenna: Emma, do you want sister or a brother?
Me: No! I’ve lapped all of you!  You can’t bother me to have a THIRD KID.  Emma, do you want a cousin instead?
Emma: Yes!
Me: Do you want Aunt JJ to have a boy cousin or a girl cousin?
Emma: A girl cousin.  Uh, can we keep Kate?

I was getting the girls dressed in Emma’s room.  I had Kate’s clothes and Emma’s clothes next to me.
I told Emma to come up to me so I could help her get dressed.  I start to put Kate’s shirt over her head on accident.
Emma: Mom, stop! I’m Emma.


I was washing some blueberries to give the girls this morning.
Me: Emma, this is kinda what Papa calls you…Boo Berry!
Emma: Yeah! And I call you Bob-O head.

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