Emma has been asking way too many questions that I don’t know the appropriate answer to.

This is how our conversations go lately:

Emma: Mommy, why do you wear a bra?
Me: Well, if I don’t my boobs will be jiggly when I walk. It keeps them supported.
Emma: Ohhhh. Well, do mine jiggle when I walk?
Me: No, yours aren’t big yet.
Emma: Will they get big when I get bigger?
Me: Yep. Some day.
Emma: Oh ok.  Look at my nipple! It sticks out.  It’s like a teeny tiny mountain.

Or while I’m taking a shower.  She will ask me why I’m shaving my legs.  I tell her that women shave their legs.  And she will one day too.
Emma: When I’m bigger and can touch the deep-end of the pool…then I will be big enough to shave my legs?
Me: Uh, yeah something like that.

The worst is when I’m on my period.  She questions what a tampon is.  I kinda blow her off and say something vague, like “It’s for mommies.”  I have to hide tampons in my hand and hope she doesn’t open the door on me.
I would love nothing more than to be honest with her.  But I can’t imagine bringing up “blood coming out of a vagina” without her freaking out and crying (thinking it’s hurting me…or worse, thinking she will bleed at any moment).  I know Emma and she would cry at this answer.  And she would continue with questions that would lead to the dreaded “How are babies made?”—which she has NOT asked yet.  But I give it to the end of the year.  She’ll get there.  I can tell you right now that Scott will bring some kind of stork into the story.  I prefer the honesty route, maybe not telling all the details.

I want her being educated about periods and boobs and hair before she actually learns about it in school, which I think is the 4th grade.  I didn’t have any idea about any of this when I was 10.   After watching the “growing up” films in school, I was truly shocked and embarrassed.  I had so many questions and no one to ask b/c of embarrassment.  I want my girls to know everything.  But 4 years old?  How do I explain it preschool terms?

I am at a loss.  I don’t even know if I’m allowed to be naked in front of her.  I don’t mind, personally.  I don’t feel embarrassed…yet.  I don’t want to shame Emma for looking or asking questions.  I just wish I had the answer to those questions.

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