My Bucket List

I assume everyone knows what a bucket list is, but if you don’t…

It’s a list of things to do before you die.  Not worrying about how it will be done or where to get the money.  Generally, people make a list of 100.  But I have two small children.  Make it 50.  I have scribbled over random pieces of paper, coloring books, grocery lists…this is what I’ve gathered.  I found this quite fun.  I’m sure I’ll finish up the other 50 at another time.

1. Stand/swim in cage surrounded by great white sharks.  Scott has already agreed to do this with me.
2. Go on a cruise with Scott and our college friends. No kids allowed!
3. Sit in a live audience for a taping.  Ellen or Letterman or Oprah.
4. Learn how to be a wine connoisseur.  Beer connoisseur. Check!
5. Learn how to golf.
6. Stay the night in Hana, Maui.  The only undeveloped part of the island.  I have driven through it before, I want to go back and actually stay there.
7. Make a friend from a foreign country.
8. Learn how to snow ski.
9. Hike a mountain.  Or even see a mountain up close.  Only mountains I have seen are in the distance in Vegas.
10. Go to Europe for 2 weeks or more.
11. Visit Yosemite or Yellowstone National Park.
12. Go back to Charleston, SC as tourists.  Scott and I used to live there after we got married.
13. Write a book, at least attempt.
14. Travel along East coast and visit as many historical sites as possible.
15. See where JFK got assassinated.
16. Go back to DC and site-see.
17. Make a gay friend.
18. Be present in some way in all 50 states.  Drive through or airport stop counts.
19. See Grand Canyon. Why did I put this? I forgot, I’ve seen it from a plane…
20. Stay in a ridiculously expensive suite in Vegas.
21. Take a CPR class…should probably get this done soon.
22. Let my hair go grey…eventually.
23. Swim under a waterfall.
24. Ride a gondola in Venice.
25. Visit San Diego Zoo.
26. Start my family genealogy.
27. Go to some gala or black tie wedding/event wearing a beautiful gown and Scott in a tux.
28. Ride a hot air balloon.
29. Visit Salem during Halloween.
30. Attend Mardi Gras…before I’m 35, preferably.
31. Decorate a cake using fondant.  For a baby shower, turned out cute! The fondant was the polka dots, that counts with my baking skills.
32. Join the mile high club.
33. Attend a KSU Championship game.  Football or basketball preferably.
34. Sew an outfit for myself.
35. Learn spanish well.
36. Appreciate the taste of black coffee.
37. Wish all my facebook friends a happy birthday for one year. Not missing one person.
38. Go to the big haunted houses in KC during Halloween. I have never been!
39. Take the girls to Disney World.
40. Own a vacation home.
41. Spend a Christmas in warm weather.
42. Attend a NHL game with Scott.
43. Try a mango.
44. Buy a one piece swimsuit and start swimming for exercise.
45. Hire someone to decorate my house.  I’m a horrible decorator.
46. Take a drawing class.
47. Attend an Eagles concert.
48. Own a sporty, 2 door car again. Manual transmission. With back seats that are impossible to fit a car seat in.
49. Learn how to make my Mexican Grandma’s hot sauce.
50. Visit Mexico again, this time visiting where my family is from, Zacatecas.

5 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. >haha…yeah I went back and read it…kinda a lot of places to see. I'm going to be a 90 year old widow traveling up and down the East Coast…haha


  2. I’ve been reading your blog and it’s absolutely hilarious. Please keep writing – you’re awesome! I got to your Bucket List post from May 4th/11 and linked to this one. I can help you out with #17, if you haven’t already found yourself a gay friend! I also have a blog, but it contains photos, drawings, and random writing stuff. Not only am I gay, but I’m Canadian! Maybe that could be number 51 (Befriend a Canadian) 😛


    1. YES! Befriend a Canadian! I love it! And I do still need a gay friend! What is your blog name? And thank you for the sweet comments! 🙂


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