What happened to Baby Emma?

Emma is, like, a kid.  A real big kid.  The past couple weeks I’ve notice the following:

– She calls me “mom” mostly.  Not mommy.  It’s making me feel old.
– She would rather take a shower than a bath.  Although, I still have to help her.
– We can have real, deep conversations.  She questions “why” a lot and can comprehend most what I tell her.
– If you look at her, she’s huge.  Her legs are long and lean.  She has no baby fat on her anymore.  When she runs around the house with just underwear, it’s slightly disturbing b/c she looks like a kid with underwear on, not a toddler anymore.
– When she wakes up, she can just tell her hair is messed up.  She runs to the bathroom and will try to fix it.  She’ll give up. Then ask me to spray it down and brush it so it looks normal again.
– She does wonderful at restaurants or anywhere she is supposed to be still and be “good”.  She’ll still have her moments, but it’s becoming seldom.  I’d much rather take Emma somewhere rather than Kate.
– In one year, she’ll be one month from starting kindergarten! KINDERGARTEN! AH!
– She can be very independent.  She plays on her swing set by herself if it’s nice out.  I have no problems just checking on her from a window and not watching her every move.
– She picks out what she wears for the day and night.  Kate will be getting brand new shorts/capris when she turns 4 b/c  Emma doesn’t wear them.  She must wear a dress or skirt or nightgown.  Every day.  No exceptions.

How did she get this big??? I’m sure making her a big sister sped things up b/c I have to give Kate attention too.  She still has her sweet little girl moments.  She will say, “Mom?” as if she is about to ask a serious question.  I’ll stop whatever I’m doing and ask her “Yes, Emma?”  Then she’ll just say “I love you.”

I hope she doesn’t grow out of the sweet random comments.

I would also like to give a quick shoutout to my husband of almost 6 years…Happy Birthday, Pookie.  29!  You have one more year to be “cool”.

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