Swimming lessons!

The real swim lessons have begun for Miss Emma!  She will know how to swim by the end of July!

She did wonderful.  We’re taking her to the local YMCA.  There are about 10-15 kids in her class, split into two levels of experience.  Emma is in the true beginners.  Her group has about 8 kids and 2 teachers.
Since Emma is in the very beginning class, I thought they would practice blowing bubbles and holding their nose.
Oh was I off…
On the first day, they already had the kids floating on back (w/assistance), floating on stomach (w/assistance), started to submerge their face, if they wanted to.  The teacher later told me Emma submerged her head the furthest.  She can also tell Emma will be a fast learner b/c she is very comfortable with the water.
No floatation devices at all.  No nose holding–they didn’t say nose holding wasn’t allowed, they just simply told them to blow out of their mouths for now.
They even had the kids start working on their arm motion for the crawl stroke.  Even as specific as keeping their fingers together, as if their hand was an ice cream scoop.

I am pleasantly surprised how efficient everything is with the program.  The teachers really have everything down and know how to whip those kids into little swimmers.  I can’t believe they learned so much in 30 minutes, day 1.

I am even more surprised how much Emma pays attention to her teachers.  We have tried and tried to get Emma to float on her back w/our assistance.  She immediately gets freaked out and tells us no.
She gracefully floated to her back within the first 10 minutes of class!  Laughing and giggling at the teacher holding her.  She hopped back to the side and waved and smiled at me!  I stood there, holding Kate, with just my mouth hanging open in shock.  I hope she couldn’t see me mouthing “what the…”

Kate…oh Miss Kate.  I couldn’t watch very much of Emma’s lessons.  Kate would make a bee-line towards the water.  She wanted in.  Anyway she could sneak herself in.  She was literally throwing her body toward the water.  I had quite a little workout chasing her around and around, keeping a hold of her at all times.  Not to mention the pool area has got to be like 80 degrees inside.  I was a sweaty mess by the time we left.  I think I might put Kate in a life vest next time.  Just in case.  I know she’ll look crazy but she simply is crazy.

I really want to start swimming again.  I think I’m going to cancel my current gym membership and join the YMCA simply for the pool.  I wanted to jump in as much as Kate and start doing laps.  I am happy the girls seem to love the water as much as myself.

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