Oh Emma.

On the day before Father’s Day, Scott asked Emma if she was going to wish him a happy father’s day.
Emma: Oh yes. But when is Emma’s Day?

Emma came home from Wichita this morning.

Emma: Daddy, Nana is really short.
Scott: Why do you say that?
Emma: Because she can’t reach the deep end in the pool. (The deep end
is 9 feet deep. ha)


It is like heat index 108 today. Under heat advisory.
Emma: I like this weather. It’s nice and cozy warm.


Jenna was doing laundry.  Emma was helping folding clothes.  Emma holds up a sports bra.
Emma: What is this?
Jenna: It’s called a sports bra.
Emma: It’s a baby one! Where is the baby pile?


Emma: The moon! Look!
Me: Yeah, it’s a full moon! And it’s yellow!
Emma: Yeah, the moon has a full tummy.  He must have just ate.


Emma brought me her underwear after going to the bathroom.
Emma: Mommy, I think there is dirt in my underwear.
Me: No, it’s not. You pooped your pants!
Emma: Maybe it’s mud then.
Me: Fine, here smell it.
Emma: No.

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