Emma’s got bling.

I’m so sorry for such the delay.  We have been without internet for a few days.  It feels like months.

The big news is Emma got earrings!

Let me just tell you my point of view on this:  I don’t care about Emma actually having pierced ears.
I told myself that if she asks for earrings, I’ll let her do it.  And here we are.  4 years old and she asked me for earrings, real ones.  I told her that it would hurt when they put them in and she would have to take care of them.  And she has to leave them in for a long time before she can switch them.  She agreed to all of this.  But I’m too chicken to take her myself.  And I still think 4 years old is a little young to have the responsibility of caring for earrings.

But that was all it took for Aunt JJ and Aunt Jenna to come swooping in and whisk her away to Claire’s.

It all started this weekend.  Jessica came in last minute b/c she said was bored in Tulsa while her husband studies for the Bar Exam.  She took Emma on Friday night to have a sleep over at my parents.

Saturday morning, I get a phone call at 9:30am.  It’s Emma.

“Mommy! Wake up! I want earrings!  Let’s go today! I’m ready! It’s going to hurt, but then it will go away.”  I hear laughter in the background.

Damnit, Jessica.  I knew there was a reason she drove up here.  I didn’t think it was to encourage holes in my daughter’s ears.  Jessica had Emma totally pumped up and ready to go.  I told Emma I am not taking her. Someone else can.

10 min later.  I get a text message from Jessica (which I ignore)
“Meet us at mom and dads so we can go to Claires. Now.”

5 min later.  I get a phone call from Jessica.
“Where are you. Let’s go.  They need a parents signature. I don’t care if Kate is taking a nap, wake her up and she’ll sleep in the car.”

2 min later. Text message from Jenna (which I ignore)

Every minute for the next 10 minutes.  My cell phone won’t stop ringing.
Call from: Mom/Dad House, Jessica Cell, Jenna Cell, Mom/Dad House, Jenna Cell, Jessica Cell, Mom/Dad House, Jessica Cell, Jenna Cell, etc….

I finally pick up.  I whisper “hello”.  It’s Jessica.
“Where are you?? You’re cutting into my tanning time.  Why are you whispering? Kate is still asleep isn’t she?  Just GO and take her.  Emma, your mom is dilly-dallying.”

They won’t give it up.  Kate wakes up.  I slowly, taking my sweet time, get her and myself ready.  I text Jessica and Jenna:
“On our way, assholes.”

(If you asking yourself, “Julie, why didn’t you just turn off your phone?” It is because either they would come to my house and literally drag me and Kate out –or–the more likely version, Jessica would just say Emma is her daughter and illegally sign papers as her parent.  I just would rather be there.  I didn’t see the need to hurry)

We get there.  I sign my child’s life away at Claire’s.  Jenna has this all on video tape.  But I refuse to let anyone see it.  It’s really, really sad.  She’s perfectly fine one second then BAM, instant tears.  Emma screamed and cried for about 10 minutes afterwards.

Jessica, Jenna, Kate and I spoiled Emma as much as we possibly could at Oak Park Mall after we were done at Claire’s.  She went to the candy store and picked out 10 different kinds of candy.  We stopped by the cookie factory.  We went on the merry-go-round…twice.  We went to the Disney Store and let her pick out a toy (She picked out something for $2.99, originally $12. What a good shopper!).  Jessica bought her princess bracelets at Hallmark.  She was pretty calm by the time we left and was even excited to have earrings.
She has been showing everyone.  She loves them now.  She wakes up every morning and says “do I still have earrings?”  We have been cleaning them 3 times a day.  She even knows how to do it herself.
It’s not as bad as I thought.  I’m glad the bad part is over.

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