Baby Shower madness!

I’m hosting a baby shower for one of my good friends on Sunday at my parent’s house.
It should be good.  I feel like I have everything under control and on top of everything…all while having two kids stuck at my hip.

My mom’s air conditioner went out yesterday.  Their house is so massive it actually takes two air conditioners so it’s not that horrible.  But my mom refused to bake the 3 tiered cake in her house.
So guess what I did all evening…

I’m really excited, I think everything will be great.  We have games I’ve never played before so hopefully they are new to others too.  The cake will be delicious.  We have everything monkey and blue themed.  I got the favors done, food in preparation mode, winner gifts, got tents ready, fans ready.  My parents backyard is filled with gorgeous flowers so it’s basically all decorated.  Everything is coming together nicely and on time.  (I’m praying for no rain…)

But the kids. What to do with the kids…

I volunteered Scott to take 4 kids during the shower.  Our two girls and our friend’s two boys (4 year old, 3 year old, 1 year old and 9 month old).  Scott is really looking forward to hanging out with boys.  He doesn’t want any help from any friends or his dad.  He says he can handle 4 kids himself.

I’m making a prediction right now.  The following will occur:

– I will get at least 2 phone calls probably asking 2 dumb questions that he should know the answer to.
– My house will look like a bomb exploded.
– Two of the kids are in diapers.  My guess they will have full loads when I get back home.
– All four will be covered in mud b/c I’m sure he’ll give up and throw them in the backyard with the hose/kiddie pool/water slide/water toys and sprinklers.
– All 4 will probably be burnt b/c he will forget sunscreen.  Well, maybe not Emma.  The child only gets darker and darker.
– All 4 will be starving.  But not thirsty b/c he will have them drink from the hose.
– There will be a minor cut or scrape.  Scott will rub dirt in it to make it feel better.

So this should be interesting….to be continued….

One thought on “Baby Shower madness!

  1. >He did a wonderful job as he only had them downstairs! No scrapes, bruises, or minor contusions. Tyler LOVES your family and can't wait to come back for another visit. That is all he talked about on the way home 🙂


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