My apologies to Bath and Body Works.

I sincerely want to apologize to Bath and Body Works: Town Center division.  I feel like I can never show my face again.  But at the same time, they have wonderful employees.  I will always speak highly of them.

Scott is out of town.  To New York too…this time on business.
I get kinda stir crazy if I don’t go do something with the girls, especially when I have the girls all day and all night.  I had a few errands to run for an upcoming baby shower I’m hosting.  I decided to get some candles for the the “winners” of the shower games.

Well, first of all I get to Town Center and for some reason, the parking lot is all roped off and there are tents being set up.  Basically, we had to walk a mile to get where we needed to.  In 97 degree weather.  I brought the single stroller, thinking Emma will walk.

We get to B&BW, Kate is getting antsy.  She starts whining…turns into crying.  I decided to pick her up and just carry her to keep her quiet.  I had Kate in one arm, pushing the stroller in the other.  Emma was walking, helping me pick out candles.  We get to the cashier.  Everything is good.  Emma is handing the cashier our stuff.  Successfully, not dropping anything.  I pay.  Just as the cashier asks if I want the receipt with me or in the bag…

WHAM! Kate knocked down the tower display with a swipe of her arm.  This wasn’t just a side table we’re talking about.  This was a whole long display.  A tower of shelves upon shelves.  The items that fell happened to be plastic, like lotions and soaps.  But the display was in 100 million little pieces at our feet.  More than our feet.  The whole room backed up about 10 feet away from the registers.  It was dead silent.

I stood in shock.  That did NOT just happen.  To me.  Because of my kid.  Oh. My. Gosh.
I felt like I was in a movie.  This stuff just doesn’t happen in normal life.

My instincts told me to get on the floor and start picking things up.  The employees ran over and told me I was fine.  They were more concerned that Kate was ok.  Yeah, the bulldog was fine.  She was in my arms the whole time!  I told Emma to back up.  The employees then told me I was ok to just leave.  They would take care of everything.  I still tried to bend down and help but Kate started squirmming.  They told me I was fine and to just go.  I repeated that I was so sorry.  So so so sorry.
I felt like I was going to cry leaving the store.  The greeter was an older woman and she told me, “it happens to the best of us” as I passed her.

Once I was outside, I saw my feet.  They were starting to bleed.  And I realized I had pain with every step.  I sat down and looked at them. Teeny, tiny little slivers of glass were everywhere.  So small, I couldn’t even pull them out.  I tried to rub them out but it didn’t help any.  It made the pain worse.
I checked Emma’s feet and she was fine.  She wanted to get ice cream.  So I toughened up and walked to Cold Stone.

On our walk back to the car, Kate still wouldn’t ride in the stroller.  But Emma wanted to.  And Emma is way, way too big for the single stroller.  I had to push Emma, sitting awkward, in the stroller with one hand.  The sacks of candles on the bottom of the stroller.  The diaper bag on my shoulder.  Kate on my hip.  Sweating from the heat and the exercise.  Not to mention of all freaking days, I decided to wear a tube-top style shirt.  I don’t know how many times I looked down and my bra was popping out.  At a certain point, I didn’t even care anymore.  Let them fall out for all I care.  My feet were bleeding.  I started hating the high school girls shopping freely in and out of the stores.  I started hating the senior citizens just taking a walk.  I started hating everyone that didn’t have a child with them.

I swear, never again am I taking both girls shopping.  Bath and Body Works would probably appreciate that as well.  Again, I’m so sorry to all those employees and any other customers that got glass in their feet.

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