The Song Game

A few years ago, Scott and I were flipping through the radio.  Nothing good was on.
I forgot who started the game…but we started naming the artist singing the song.
Whoever is first to name the artist/group, you get a point.  It’s pretty simple.

Scott will cheat and stay on the country stations longer.

I don’t necessarily cheat.  I just memorize all my itunes music/artists.  I am always making mental notes if I hear a song by myself somewhere.

I was at a bachelorette party a few weekends ago.  The hostess put on the 90s station on her TV.  I had an incredible urge to yell out the artist as each song came on.  I had to tell a few friends about our game.
Well, as you can imagine girls started yelling out artists names as soon as a song would come on.
Then we started “what year did the song come out”.  It was fun having all 90s music and pinpoint what grade we were in.

It’s amazing how many classic songs you’ve heard thousands of times and have no clue who sings it.  Or a song will come on that is an awful one-hit-wonder and you actually know who sings it (Macarena, Los Del Rio)   Scott and I will also claim cities we visit.  I own Austin, Texas.  He owns Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Scott generally knows more songs than I do.  But like I said…he cheats.

Ok, now it's your turn - write me back.

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