Emma’s pep talk.

I am devastated. Truly devastated.  I have gone into “Julie-psycho-sports-mode”.

I am back to obsessing with any little tidbit of information I can get about K-State and the Big 12.
I only get like this during football season.  And this past basketball season.  I throw candy and new toys at the girls hoping to distract them while I have ESPN on the TV, 810am streaming on the internet, 610am on the radio, constantly on the forums on gopowercat.com.  I’m like a guy.  My eyes are bloodshot.  I can’t sleep b/c I’m worried about KSU.  I’ve gone off the deep end.  Scott has noticed b/c the second he walks in the door, I am talking a mile a minute asking if he heard this, this and this.  Psycho sports Julie is back.

I don’t know what will come of the Big 12.  I am just upset that it is collapsing.

I try to get myself away from all media.  Emma is a good distraction.

Last night:

After a hot and sweaty run in our neighborhood, I played with Emma for a little bit in our driveway.  Scott came out with a plate of strawberries and powdered sugar while we sat and talked.  We were all sitting on the edge of the driveway, right where the street started.

Emma: I see a star!
Scott: You do??  Let’s make a wish!
Me: Actually, it’s Mars, not a star. (Ok, so I’m an astronomy nerd)
Scott: Bug, shhhh.
Emma: I wish, I wish on the first star I see tonight….for a bootiful princess gown! With wots of sparkles!
Me: (I start texting my sisters and mom this.  I thought it was cute.)

Eventually, Scott goes inside.  I am left with Emma.  I hear a loud fart.  I look at Emma and laugh.

Me: You farted!! Ahhh!
Emma: No, I didn’t!! You did!! (laughing)

I see a woman walking down street getting close to our house.
Emma farts again, loud.

Me: Emma!

The lady is passing in front of us now.

Emma: (in serious tone to the lady) Do you smell it?
Me: (laughing, I didn’t even know what to say to the lady)

She had a smile on her face.  The kind of smile where you’re trying to hold laughter in.

I pulled Emma inside after that.  Although, I’m sure the neighbor loved the entertainment during her exercise.  Hopefully, she didn’t get a whiff.

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