A trip to the grocery store.

This can be added to last night’s blog post.  It was that kind of day.
I forgot to add this:

I took Emma to the grocery store last night while Scott stayed at home with Kate (which is another story, he couldn’t put her to bed b/c his back went completely out.  He was stuck on the couch.  So Kate was up until almost 10pm eating Cheerios on the living room floor until I got home.)

Anyway…I just checked out and started to walk out of the store.  A short man walked by us in a rush and I saw a $5 bill fall out of his pocket.  I said, “oh! you dropped some money!”  He turned around and said “Thank you.  That is very sweet of you to tell me.”
Without a doubt, it turned out to be a woman after I heard her voice.  But she looked and dressed like a man.
She wasn’t more than 3 steps away when Emma asks, “Mommy, is that a boy or a girl?”
AHHHH! “Just walk Emma, just walk.”

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