Oh Emma.

I walk into the living room to Emma hanging upside down on the couch.

Me: Emma, what are you doing?
Emma: I’m just being a bat.


Scott was in his car taking Emma home from my parents.
Since she is in his car, her carseat sits lower than what she is used to in my car.
Emma: Daddy, my car seat is abajo. Why is it abajo?
Scott: Huh?
Emma: Daddy. It’s spanish.  Abajo means down.  My car seats needs to be arriba.
Scott: (laughing)
Emma: Arriba means up in spanish, daddy.
My sister, Jessica, called Emma to tell her Happy St Patty’s Day and asked if she knew she is 1/16 irish.  
Emma: Pinch me. I’m Mexican.
Emma: Mommy, I dreamed about bunnies in my dream last night! What did you dream about?
Me: I dreamed I was sleeping beauty and I could sleep in.
Emma: What did Kate dream about?
Me: I dunno, let’s ask her.  Kate, what did you dream about?  
(We stare at Kate)
Kate: (Seeing she has our attention, she starts dancing and laughing)
Me: Oh! I think she said she dreamed that she was at a ball and she got to dance! She danced with a handsome prince!
Emma: Uh, no.  I think she dreamed it was me dancing at the ball with the prince.  Not Kate.
Emma: Why does Uncle Mark and Aunt Ash-she live in Texas?
Me: I dunno, it’s where they have to work.
Emma:  Can Texas move by my house?

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