I heart New York.

Well, I am back.  I never thought I’d see the day.

The night before we left for New York, Scott tells me he has to be in Washington, DC on Tuesday and asked if I minded if I tagged along.  Of course I would!  I have always wanted to visit DC.  I would travel anywhere in the world if it didn’t involve a diaper bag and car seats.

So that was set.  We booked a train Monday night to DC.

New York was fun.  It was pretty much what I imagined.  Crowded.  Stinks.  Expensive.
The streets were more compact than what I thought so we walked EVERYWHERE.  I got shin splints after two days.  Scott swears his feet are broke b/c he walked so much.

First off.  Scott doesn’t want me to write about his stupidity.  But I am b/c it’s funny.  So, we land in NY.
Scott: So what do you want to do here?
Julie:  Oh, the normal touristy stuff.  Carrie’s apartment, Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty…I dunno, whatever.
Scott: Yeah and Alcatraz.
Julie: (I just stare at him)
Scott: (laughs) Wait, that’s here, right?
Julie: Yeah, I’ll go to Alcatraz.  Let me know when you purchase that ticket from New York to San Francisco.  Scott! It’s on the complete other side of the country! Are you kidding me?!?!
Scott: Shhh, don’t tell anyone. I forgot.

Our hotel was about a block from Bryant Park (If you watch Project Runway, you know how exciting this is).  We spent every morning and evening here, mostly b/c it has free WiFi.  It’s really not as big as I thought, for being a hot spot during fashion week.

I wanted to take the Sex and the City tour.  But I felt bad that Scott would most likely be the only male on that tour.  And I wanted to do what locals do, not be apart of a group.  All I wanted to see was Carrie’s apartment.  So I did some research and found out exactly how to get there.  We hopped on the subway and walked to the apartment complex.  Filled with groups of girls taking pictures.  Scott was the only male.  I know he liked it. 😉
Should have wore a dark colored shirt…but I got the picture of me at Carrie’s!
We also went to a Yankees game.  It is a million times better to cheer for a winning team.  Take note, Royals.  I would go back to another game.  Very fun place.  The Yankees lost the game we went to.  But I wasn’t heartbroken, please, look at my home team.  I’m used to it.
We saw other touristy stuff.  Rockefeller Center.  Late Show w/David Letterman.  Hello Deli.  Central Park.  Ate at a hole-in-a-wall pizza place where they served our beer in a paper cup.  I had to pick one museum to visit due to time.  I knew Scott would be incredibly bored with any kind of real art.  I asked him if he wanted to see Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.  His response, “I can see it on the internet.”
The American Museum of Natural History it is.  I would call it a kid museum.  It was very family-friendly.  Lots of things kids would like to see.  We spent the majority of our time in the dinosaur section.  They had dinosaur bones and fossils.  Scott went camera happy.  I will not bore you on here or on facebook but I have about 20 pictures of dino bones.  I got bored and started doing Emma faces.
Then we went to Ground Zero.  I probably don’t even have to mention how sad it was.  I was surprised it was not crowded at all.  And eerily quiet due to us being there on a holiday.  The whole downtown was empty.  This is my favorite picture taken from down there.  It is at the firestation that sat directly next to WTC.  I waited forever for the wind to pick up the flag.
They also had a walk-thru memorial of things gathered after the towers fell.  I think this one is the saddest.  Scott said, “Just think, someone sat here looking out this window.”
When we got on our train to DC, that is when all hell broke loose.  I wanted to go home.  I wanted to see my girls.  I missed them so much especially after seeing all the 9/11 memorials.
Scott’s meeting was set up for Tuesday, then Wednesday, then Tuesday again.  He wanted to just take me to his meeting and have me wait at the doctor’s office it was at.  I refused.  I was going to do something, anything.  I called my sister-in-law, Ashley.  Her mom and dad live in DC.  I got a lunch date with her mom.  She also showed me around as much as she could before going back to work, which I am grateful for.  I walked through one of the Smithsonian museums by myself, which was awesome.  I can’t even start to list the stuff I saw b/c there was so much.  I want to go back.  It was nice being by myself in a museum b/c I didn’t have “Scott, the kid” tagging along.  I still had some time to kill so I decided to walk to the White House.  I surprised myself that I actually did NOT get lost.
By the time I met with Scott that afternoon, first thing he says to me, “You look like hell. Do I look like hell too?”  Why, thank you Scott.  It was hot, humid and I was walking all day around DC.  My feet throbbed, my legs felt like I was walking on pegs, I missed the girls so much, I was dripping in sweat (and I rarely sweat, like really sweat like a man).
At the airport, our flight was delayed and delayed and delayed.  We missed our connecting flight to KC.  We missed all connecting flights to KC for the night.  We got a travel voucher from the airlines and a hotel voucher.  But the hotel they put us up in never sent a shuttle.  Scott cancelled that hotel and just got another, nicer one.  Near the other airport, where our morning non-stop flight to KC was going out of.  We were delirious.  Scott was getting crazy.  Cracking jokes about people walking by us, speaking way too loud.  I was on the verge of throwing a Emma-style temper tantrum.  I was seriously plotting how to steal Dorothy’s ruby slippers at the Smithsonian.  Everything was going wrong.  Scott was telling me how he was already on rotation of his boxers.  I ran out clothes, pj’s, and underwear too.  I sweat in every piece of clothing during the trip so re-wearing really wasn’t an option.  We were disgusting.
Not sarcastic.
Well, we made it home.  Our flight that morning was delayed as well, of course.  And the flight was the bumpiest, most tossed around flight I have ever been on.  But we’re here.  Back in Kansas.  Back to the quietness of cities, home made food, fast food that does NOT display how many calories are in everything.  Get-in-the-car-and-go has never felt better.
And most importantly, I am back with Emma and Kate.

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