Did I finally get my girly-girl?

Emma is girly.  She considers herself a princess.  She loves my makeup and shoes to dress up in.  Her favorite color is pink.  She thinks pants and shorts are complete torture.  She wears dresses every day.  She doesn’t like getting her hands dirty when she’s with me.  The Disney Princesses are her idols.   But when she’s around Scott she can turn tom-boyish.  She loves fishing.  She’ll even help hook a worm (*gag*).  She tells me she wants to hunt with daddy when she’s bigger.  She likes to play in mud.  I would say Emma is 80% girl and 20% boy, which is probably the amount of time spent with me and Scott, respectively.

When Emma was younger, there was NO WAY I could get a hat, headband, barrette, sunglasses without it getting immediately ripped off.  She still won’t let me put her hair up.  She won’t wear hats.  I’m lucky she lets me brush her hair.  She doesn’t like jewelry.  She is most comfortable when she doesn’t have shoes on.

Kate is an accessory queen.  By far, her favorite section at Target is the accessories.  She signs “more” and points to the hats.  (On a side note: this “more” and pointing business is getting out of control…she is already learning the art of bossing me around like her sister)  She wants it all on…sometimes for a few seconds, sometimes she’ll keep it on for an hour, sometimes she’ll forget about it and keep it on until I take it off.  I think I might just have my girly girl…

2 thoughts on “Did I finally get my girly-girl?

  1. >How cute! Just like Makayla…any give day she has at least 3 accessories on her body or head. What fun…that is until you find 50 accessories strewn through out the house!


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