Stormy nights.

Well, it’s May.  The summer storms have started.  We haven’t heard any tornado sirens this year, yet.  But it’s bound to happen soon.

I am fine with the thunderstorms.  I actually like all the “free water” for our yard and flowers.  I like the excitement of watching the weather on TV.  I love the eerie darkness in the middle of the afternoon.  I make Emma look through the windows to see the winds whipping our trees and the river of water flowing down our street.

My paranoia with nighttime thunderstorms started the summer after Emma was born.  I can’t quite sleep through thunderstorms anymore b/c I’m waiting for a tornado siren to go off.  I lay there and think how fast I could get to Kate’s room and grab her. I already decided Scott would be the one to carry (the heavier) Emma.  Scott can’t run outside and look for a tornado in the middle of the night.  You are seriously “in the dark” if there is a tornado heading right towards your house.  The sirens aren’t always the most reliable either.  It’s really crazy I am like this because I am from Kansas.  I have slept through thousands of thunderstorms in my lifetime.  I have never once seen a tornado.

Two nights ago, I heard a huge clap of thunder that sounded like it was directly over my bedroom.  I shot straight up and screamed.  I frantically reached my arms out for Scott and fell in his chest.  Scott patted my head and I laid there with a racing heart wondering if I should turn the TV on to see what was going on.  I eventually fell asleep.

The next morning, Scott asks if I remember what I did last night.  He thinks it’s freaking hilarious.  He calls my family and tells them “guess what Julie did last night…she screamed and cried like a baby…she was shaking so hard…ahhahha…” Obviously, exaggerating.

Then last night, we got more storms.

This morning,
Scott: Did you hug me last night again?
Me: No.
Scott: Aaahhahaha. Yes, you did!  Like a baby!  You can’t handle the storms!  You need me there to protect you! Ahahaha.  Where’s my cell phone?

There are no storms forecasted tonight.  Whew.

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