Tad’s Tropical Sno

Oh yes.  Tad’s is back and open for business and less than 3 min away from our house.

Tad’s is a snow cone shack.  He owns several throughout the state.  Including Manhattan. (And Lawrence.  His “home base” is the one in Lawrence)  I was fortunate enough to work for Tad in Manhattan.  I worked for two summers.  I had a blast.  Easiest job I’ve ever had.  Tad would hire girls from one sorority at K-State.  And somehow I got hired too.  I won’t lie, it was a bunch of hot chicks making snow cones. We made killer tips.

I still know what each flavor contains w/o looking at the cheat sheet.  Scott quizzes me every time we go up there.  I cannot be stumped.

I’m so excited Tad has opened up a Tropical Sno in Gardner.  And the snow cones are the best.  It’s not the crystally, crunchy ice.  It’s the soft powder-like-melt-in-your-mouth shaved ice.  And that delicious syrup.  (And no, you don’t want to know how much sugar is in the syrup….although, that hasn’t stopped me from eating them.)  I wish Tad would sell the syrup only.  I used to put a few quick squirts into my coke bottles.  Best cherry coke ever.

We took the girls up there this evening for their first snow cones of the summer.

2 thoughts on “Tad’s Tropical Sno

  1. >I have been trying to find someone who could recreate this snow cone of my child hood. It was the soft shaved ice – maybe Tad's is it. I never went in Lawrence although it was quite the hot spot. I may be making a trip to Gardner to find out. Do they have a homemade ice cream flavor?


  2. >He has a vanilla flavor. It tastes just like ice cream. You can also order "cream" poured on top. Let me know if you bring the girls out here, we can meet you up there! 🙂 (not this weekend though, going to tulsa…)


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