Kate broke her leg!

Kate has been doing really well climbing up and down the stairs.  Yesterday, she was at the top, turned and looked at me, waved.  I looked back at Emma, not even 2 seconds later, heard Kate cry.  She was upside down on the bottom of the stairs.  All carpeted, but apparently that doesn’t matter.

She was non-stop crying for an hour.  She eventually calmed down but would not put pressure on her leg.  If she did, she would hysterically cry.  I told myself if she was still like that today then I was calling the ped’s nurse.

Kate was acting the same way this morning.  She was also up all night.  Nurse told us to come in.  The doctor could pretty much tell it was broke by the way she was responding.  Sent us to Children’s Mercy for X-rays.  Kate did not like that at all.  She is like the worst patient ever.  She peed all over the table when they took the X-rays.  Took 3 of us to hold her down.  Freaked out with the stethoscope.  Freaked out with temperature being taken from under her arm.  I have no idea where she gets her fear of doctors 😉

The radiologist came back to us ten seconds after seeing the results.

“It’s broke”.

I’m so sad. So so so sad.  I’m sad that she can’t work on her walking for at least another 6 weeks.
She is in a splint now.  And will get her real cast in a few days.  Full leg cast.  No crawling. No walking.  No swimming.  Not until middle of June, I estimate.

A few pictures from my phone.

She got a little stuffed wiener dog from the doctor in radiology.  Which I took as a sign from our family/parents wiener dog, Heidi.  She passed away last Friday.  I know she was there in spirit with Kate.  Oh Heidi Ho dog.

While waiting for the doctor to tell us what would happen regarding a cast, Kate’s nurse was a huge help.  She could tell Kate was getting sleepy.  She turned off our lights and put on Baby Einstein.  Gave Kate a toasty warm blanket.  She fell right to sleep in Scott’s arms for a good 30 minutes.

 And here is her “Chuckie” face.  Chuckie from the movie, Child’s Play.  Yeah, like that crazy little murderer child doll.  Scott taught this face to Emma and now Emma taught it to Kate.  She does it all the time now.  Doing it to nurses.  She shakes her head crazy and makes fists.  It’s a super crazy scary face but hilarious.

A pink splint to match her shirt!  She was actually really good for this part.  I think it already started to feel better.

Came back to Nina and Papa’s to pick up Emma.  The reason Emma stayed with my parents is b/c my dad told Emma last night, “your mommy pushed Kate down the stairs, didn’t she?” Obviously joking.  But Emma was a little confused.  This morning she said “Does Kate’s foot still hurt? Why? Because you pushed her down the stairs?”  Yeah, that was Emma’s pass to be dropped off at my parents before the doctor appt.  I didn’t need any doctors listening to Emma and sending me straight to jail.

So there’s my horrible past couple days.  Lost our family dog.  I feel like a terrible mom.  I’m exhausted.  I just want my little 1 year old to be walking again…

2 thoughts on “Kate broke her leg!

  1. >Don't beat yourself up Julie…it could happen to anyone (I'm not going to name any names *wink*). Kate's tough…she'll be out of that cast and walking in no time! Give her hugs and kisses for us!


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