Giada De Laurentiis

I went with my sister, Jenna, to see Giada De Laurentiis last week.  She came through KC for her book signing tour.  She is a major Food Network star.

Unfortunately, Jenna and I did not get to meet her.  The cookbooks were pre-signed.  But we did get to sit and listen to question/answer with Giada.

A few notes about my impression of Giada.

–She is really short.  If I had to guess, about 5’1″ or 5’2″
–She is just as pretty in person.  Although, she did look very tired.
–Her personality is not exactly the same as the one on her show.  She kept smacking her gum–annoying, yet strangely, made her seem more normal.  She has a perfectionist vibe on her show.  In person, she did not seem that way.

The book signing was put on by Rainy Day Books .  For those of you in the KC area, RDB has a lot of good authors coming in.  Their website is worth checking into from time to time.

Now, because I saw Giada in person, I’m fascinated with her show now.  Especially since she told us little tidbits about behind the scenes.  This has rubbed off on Emma.  Emma loves Giada.  She will pick Giada over any show on Nick Jr.!  I’ve DVRed Giada’s show just so Emma can watch her at any point in the day.  She will pretend she is Giada in the kitchen.  It is hilarious.  I got the video camera out, filmed her and whipped out this little video for my family to see.  Bonus: Emma actually eats anything I give her if I tell her it’s Giada’s recipe.  This is HUGE.  Emma is a terrible eater.  I can finally get her to eat!


3 thoughts on “Giada De Laurentiis

  1. >I forgot about this too…thanks for reminding us Julie!! 🙂 The video is too cute…Makayla loved to watch Food Network. Thank for the subtitles on the video. Love the "I use the cheap brand". haha


  2. >Ah! Sorry! I didn't want to pressure you into going…forgive me. Emma is also mad at me for not taking her. You can come with me next time she's rolls in town…Sarah, Mandy, Emma..haha


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