5 more questions from Mandy’s blog.

1. Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?
Someone that has a good voice to do voice-overs b/c I am shy and think a lot.  If my life were a movie, you would have to listen what was going on in my head to understand me.  As far as who look likes me, this is who I’ve been told I look like. 

Susan May Pratt from 10 Things I Hate About You and Center Stage.

Chyler Leigh from Grey’s Anatomy

Catherine Zeta-Jones, a younger version

2. Did you ever go to summer camp?
No.  I was too shy for something like that.  Although, my siblings never went either.  I think my mom secretly liked having us home during the summers. 🙂  If Emma and Kate want to go, I wouldn’t say no to it.

3. What sends you running and screaming in the other direction?
How about opening our deep freeze and seeing a dead turkey laying in there with its neck severed.  That’s what happened today.  Um…what else…I get tempted to run and scream whenever needles are involved at a doctor’s office.  I can’t handle it.  I nearly faint every time.  Although, I can handle comforting my daughters when they get their shots.  The only time I have welcomed a needle is while in labor with both girls.  I thought the anesthesiologist was an angel from heaven when he walked in.

4. What is something you do that drives your spouse nuts?
HA! Where should I start??  When I keep the lights on in our room to read a book.  When I put his laundry basket directly next to his side of the bed so he gets the hint to put away his laundry.  When I fall asleep with the TV on every night.  When I sleep with a sports bra on every night.  The fact that I dislike hunting.  That fact that I don’t care how dirty my car is on the outside.  I could go on…but I’ll stop here.  🙂  He really does love me. 

5. What is currently your favorite song?
I’m not a huge country fan, so this might be surprising but Need You Now by Lady Antebellum.  I always stop the station changing when I hear this song.

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