Family Tree

My mom has been working on our family geneaology.  She is full blown obsessed.  She has taken classes at the library.  She has gone to family graveyards and taken pictures of individual graves.  She has color coded index cards to keep names and dates straight.  She has books on books on how to trace your family.  She is documenting everything.

She can only go back so far with her own history.  Just two generations back come straight from Mexico.  To do research in Mexico you must go to the Catholic churches in the respected Mexican towns.  The Catholic churches are the ones that keep records, not the government.  So she is somewhat stuck for now.

She went on to my dad’s side.  It is really fascinating to hear about all my great great great granddads.  She found who in my family fought in the Revolutionary War.  She has found a full blown trial in the 1800s revolving around a family feud. She found slaves buried on a family farm.  Every time I go over my parents house, my mom will tell me more and more tidbits.

It is all fun and games to hear about my family history until my mom told me that I might be incest.



She says she hasn’t quite proved it but it looks that way.  Basically a great great something granddad married a 1st cousin.  They legally got married and had children.

My dad started throwing the excuses…

Oh, everyone did that back then.

It was legal, the government legally recognized them as husband and wife.

It was so long ago, it doesn’t matter.

Royalty did it too.

Sorry dad, it’s disgusting.  And it’s freaking me out.  I feel strangely gross.  1st cousins is a little too close.  I think about my male 1st cousins.  That is just wrong.  WRONG.  Excuse me while I go puke.

Scott thinks this is absolutely hilarious.  Then I remind him that he is the father of my offspring.

But the more I hear from my mom, the more I want to go dig up stuff too.  Maybe try my dad’s mom’s side.  Or even Scott’s side to see Emma and Kate’s tree.  I know it’s time consuming and I could never fully get into it with two little ones demanding my time.  Hopefully, no more little incest surprises show up.  Maybe I could find someone famous I’m related to.  Maybe I could find the country and city in Europe we’re from.  Or maybe I just need to take a trip to Mexico and start on my mom’s side.  Maybe I’m an Aztec princess by blood…hmmm…I don’t know.  Something to take my mind off the incest….

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