Oh Emma.

Emma: Daddy stinks.

Me: Daddy stinks? Yeah sometimes.  Why do you think he stinks?
Emma: Because he’s a boy.
Scott and I went out to dinner on the Plaza. My parents watched the girls.  I was driving Emma and Kate home.
Emma: Mommy, I cried when you left the house.  I wanted to give you a hug and kiss goodbye.
Me: I’m sorry boo.  
Emma: Where did you go with daddy?
Me: I had dinner with him, kinda by his work.
Emma: But you’re supposed to eat dinner with me at Nina’s house.
Me: Ok, how about next time we go out to eat, we bring you too.
Emma: Yeah! Ok! I’ll drive.


I took the girls to the library today.  They have a huge lego castle thing.
3 boys were playing with it.  Emma walks over and starts playing with them.  One of the boys made a car type looking thing with the legos.
Boy: This looks like a race car!
Emma: Um, no it looks like a carriage.
We got a Toys R Us toy catalog thing in the mail showing all their summer stuff that will be on sale.  I told Emma to circle what she wants for her bday.
I leave her upstairs and go on the computer.  She walks down here.
Emma: Mommy, I gotta surprise for you!
Me: What?
Emma: (Gives me the catalog) I want EVERYTHING!!! SURPRISE!!!
Me: (I flip through it and she circled every. single. toy.  She completely skipped the “boy” section–No marks at all.  On some toys, I see little circles…so I ask…)  What are these little circles?
Emma: That’s what Kate wants.
I was getting Kate buckled into the car and told Emma to sit in her seat.  I go over to Emma’s side and she wasn’t in her seat, she was just standing in front of her seat.  
Me: Emma, why aren’t you sitting down?  Hurry up, I’m freezing.
Emma: Because mommy, my butt just couldn’t get there. It just wants to stand.
Me: Emma, you are such a comedian.
Emma: No, no I’m not!
Me: Do you know what a comedian is?
Emma: Yes and I don’t change colors.
Emma: Mommy, is it Easter yet?
Me: No, not yet.
Emma: Ummmm…I think it’s time for some Peanut Butter Cup Eggs.
The four of us were in the car.  A really huge bird flew right in front of me on the highway.  
Me: I think a hawk just flew in front of us.
Emma: A what?
Scott: It’s a bird.
Me: A hawk.
Emma: A cock?
Scott: Thanks, Bug. (My nickname for those that don’t know)
Me: No, a HAWK.
Scott: HAAAWK.
Emma: Cock?
Me: (laughing)
Scott: Stop laughing, Bug. Emma, like a chicken hawk. 
Emma: Hawk!
Scott: Yeah
Emma: Hawk, Cock. Who’s there?  Emma. Emma Who? Emma Grace!

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