My gorgeous girls.

Spring is here!
And Emma is back to wearing just pants and no shirt.  I really thought she’d be over that phase.  We are the naked house, once again.  Where’s my short skimpy shorts at?

I took some pictures of the girls a few days ago after playing outside.

I am told that I’m a good photographer.  But really, I just have a few tricks.

1. I have a nice camera.  Nikkon D60.  That does most of the “work” for me.
2. There are certain spots in my house I know will give good lighting.  I try not to use a flash.
3. I have photoshop.  For mac and PC.  My biggest hobby is wasting time on photoshop.
4.  Most of Emma’s pictures are me just clicking away while having a conversation with her.  I will take probably ten to fifteen “bad” pictures for every one “good” picture.  I think we were talking about Cinderella’s castle here.  None of hers are posed.
5. Close up shots seem to work better on kids. Their faces are flawless and full of emotion.

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