Egh, FINE I’m telling the dog poop story.

We went to Manhattan on Saturday for fake St Patty’s day.

If you don’t know what that is, all you need to know is it’s an all-day drinking event in Aggieville.  With lots of green beer.  And lots of shots of whiskey…for me anyway.

We decided to go last minute.  Mainly because we knew a lot of college friends would be there.  It was time to catch up.  Found babysitters (Scott’s parents drove up from Wichita) and we headed west.

My blog was brought up.  Scott stories are told all over again.  Uncontrollable laughter all around.

Then Scott gets me back.  I guess I will go ahead and write about this on my blog because everyone wondered why I didn’t. Everyone but Scott and I thought it was funny.


So I was working from home a couple weeks ago and Julie tells me that Belle pooped in our room.  About an hour later, I go upstairs to get something from our room and I find Kate in there.  Fist full off shit.  She smiles and there is dog shit all over her face, in between her two teeth.  I yell at Julie to look at Kate.  Julie screams and takes her away.  I tell her “get the poop out of her mouth, just reach in and grab it out.” Julie screams that she can’t.  So I reached in her mouth and started pulling chunks out of shit out of her mouth. Then get this – Kate reaches for it and starts getting angry.  She is acting how a dog would act if you tried to take away a steak from its mouth or something.  It’s disgusting.  I got the chunks out and let Julie clean the rest.  

I take Kate and I just cannot get over the smell.  I wiped off her face.  I flossed her teeth for the first time ever.  I brushed her teeth.  She only has two teeth! But the smell of dog shit would not go away.  I gave her water.  I gave her peppermint patties.  Several small meals later, the smell went away. And she survived.
Thanks Scott.  Thanks for making me feel like mother of the year by not keeping an extra eye on the kid that eats anything.  Might as well tell everyone about the time I went pee, wiped, stood up to pull my pants up, turn around, there is Kate sucking on the toliet paper I used.  Luckily, she spit it out pretty fast.

There.  There’s the story.  I feel bad, no, I feel horrible.  Lesson learned.  Pick up dog poop in the house immediately.  Wipe and flush immediately or keep an eye out for extremely fast crawlers.
Sorry, Kate.  Someday this will be funny to you.

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