Oh Emma.


I got Emma out of the bath and dried her off.  Her hair was still dripping down her back.  She put her hand on her back and said, “Mommy, am I melting?”
I gave Emma a Jones soda (glass bottle) for being good at the grocery store.  I opened it for her at the house and she says “Um, this looks like a beer cup.”  (Thanks, Scott!)
My friend Amber stopped by with our girl scout cookies we ordered.  I opened the thin mint and peanut butter ones.  She tried both, grabs the thin mint box and says, “I’ll take these to my room now.”


I took a little nap when Kate took her nap today.  Emma was in the living room watching TV.
She decided to get a box of cheerios, FULL box of cheerios, and dump it on the living room floor and started dancing and singing Ariel’s “Part of Your World”.
I go down there and yelled/asked what is she doing?????
Emma:  I’m just making sand mommy.

Emma: Let’s go to the beach tomorrow!
Me: But we don’t have a beach around us.
Emma: But we can make one!
(I’m hiding the cheerios.)


Sesame Street was on and they were talking about bees.  They said bees make honey.  And the crayons we color with are made from beeswax…so they come from bees too.
Later, Emma was watching Little Bear and he was talking about honey. 
Me: Emma, where does honey come from?
Emma: Bees!
Me: Yeah! And where do crayons come from?
Emma: From me and Kate’s head!
Me: Huh?
Emma:  (Makes a crown shape on her head with her hands.)  



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