The weekend sleep-in.

Scott and I went out with some friends on Saturday night.
We somehow get on the topic of who gets to “sleep in” on the weekends and who has to get up with the kids. I’m pretty sure Scott and I started this conversation.

Two of our friends are pregnant with their first child.  I’m sure we scared the crap out them.

Scott’s points are valid:
— He works a full time job.  Doesn’t get naps. Has to get dressed and ready every day.  He has to travel a lot.  He has the pressure of doing well financially for the family.  So he says he should get one day to sleep in.

My argument (and the winning one):
— I am a stay at home mom.  I work 24/7.  If a child wakes up in the night, it is me who goes in the room to see what’s wrong.  I am not guaranteed a good night’s rest any day of the week.  Naps for me are very seldom with two kids.  I get barely any time to myself…the shower (if I’m lucky) and the gym.  I deserve a weekend to sleep in.  And really, I do wake up with Kate to nurse her.  I just give her to Scott when she’s done and go back to sleep for a few hours. He needs a few hours by himself with the girls anyway.

So I was wondering, you moms out there, who gets up with the kids on weekends?

I would like to point out, since we’re on the subject…
When wake up for the day, I will go find Scott and the girls.  I will usually get a question from Scott.

This is just from this weekend:
–“Is it ok for Kate to eat dog food?  I think she had a couple pieces.”
–“Is it ok for Kate to eat Play-Doh?  I think she had some.  That’s not toxic, is it?”

He responds, “Well, I took it away and she got really mad.  So I just let her have it.  She’s fine. She’s having fun.”  He wasn’t even in the room with her.  I had to take a picture for proof.

(Although, I can’t talk…Kate has swallowed a fake Christmas wreath berry while under my care…)

Whatever. I got a few hours of extra sleep this weekend.  Thanks Pookie…even if you do let our youngest play with knifes…

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